Integra Scripts® is made up of an ambitious group of individuals with a mission to team-up with healthcare operators nationwide, to reduce their pharmacy costs with maximum efficiency. We provide real-time savings via our module based software solutions, designed to maximize profits for healthcare operators.


Pharmaceutical expense is the single largest cost to healthcare facilities. By combining automated drug pricing, formulary and dispense control strategies, supported by integrated software-based technologies, Integra Scripts® delivers remarkable savings for healthcare facilities.


Our case studies have shown to prove that the average size facility we service is saving a minimum of $20,000 - $50,000 annually. Our clients additionally benefit from the knowledge and comfort level they experience knowing that Integra Scripts® is monitoring every aspect of their pharmaceutical operations in real time.


With vast experience serving the pharmacy component within the healthcare industry, our solutions team is prepared to assist with the challenges facing you today with pharmaceuticals. Be it retroactive audits, contract comparison, or any other pharmacy related matter, we’re here to provide you the leverage you need.